Cleaning, Rust Prevention & Anti Corrosion Agents

  • SERVIDUR 2504
    Neutral cleaning agent to be added to the water of spray washers, particularly suitable for cleaning before diffusion processes such as carburising, carbonitriding, nitrocarburising, nitriding; free of silicates, phosphates and other chemicals which might affect diffusion

    Multi-purpose neutral cleaning agent for all kinds of aqeous washing operations by spraying or immersion; salt-free, especially adapted to removal of DURIXOL quench oils from steel parts

    Salt-free neutral cleaning agent for aqueous one step or multiple step washing; recommended for the cleaning of workpieces after heat treatment and particulary adapted to the quenchants of BURGDORF; high cleaning performance, spontaneously demulsifying, very effective in terms of anticorrosion properties

    Alkaline cleaning agent for aqueous washing before and after heat treatment; particulary suitable to remove lubricants or particles strongly adhering to the steel surface from the workpieces; very effective cleaning performance, good anticorrosive properties, low foaming tendency.
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