Quenching Oils

Our Quenching Oils range below:

    DURIXOL 4000

    Low viscosity, intensive high-performance quenching oil with wide range of applications.

    Extremely fast quench oil particularly suitable for plain carbon and low alloy steel grades and small to medium workpiece dimensions.

    Fast quench oil particularly suitable for quenching and tempering of large workpiece dimensions.

  • DURIXOL W71/W72
    DURIXOL 7200

    Dual-range fast quench oils providing both fast quenching and high resistance to evaporation for batchwise quenching in open quench tanks and integral quench furnaces.

    DURIXOL 5500

    Evaporation resistant high-quenching with stress controlled quenching;
    Built of the proven concept of DURIXOL W25, but with higher quenching and greater hardness.

  • DURIXOL W21/W25
    Quenching with particular stress controlled quenching effect for the batch quenching distortion sensitive parts in open and closed heat treatment plants and for the hardening of tools made of alloyed steels.

    Products in green text are part of a new generation made for extremely high demands.
    For example in densely packed batches.
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